«Savchenko and Partners» law firm

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 1) Representing a client in court or to third persons:

 ·        Participation in court proceedings;

 ·        Learning materials and information given by theclientto make a decision about the future resolution of the dispute and to join the case at any stage of the process;

 ·        Joining to the proceedings after the study of materials and information given by the client, the organization of pre-trial preparation and gathering of evidence;

 ·        Immediate entry into the proceedings without the possibility of learning materials and information given by the client, or in their absence, at any stage of the process, the organization of pre-trial preparation and collection of evidence;

 ·        Introduction to the materials:in courts, law enforcement authorities, other government agencies and local authorities, institutions of expertise, etc.;

 ·        Representation in state authorities and third parties;

 ·        Participation in client parley;

 ·        Preparation of the parley protocol;

 ·        Immediate, urgent representation during government inspections.

2) Consulting work, analysis of the legal relations or law, legal opinions and other legal documents:

·        Lawyer’s oral consulting;

·        Provide any legal services on a business trip;

·        Preparation of administrative documents- decisions, orders, etc.;

·        Preparation of organizational and methodological documents projects (regulations, procedures, instructions, regulations, etc.);

·        Preparation and design of legal documents, not specifically mentioned in these rates: applications, appeals, complaints, requests, demands, responses to appeals, orders, requirements, etc.;

·        Any other legal services not mentioned above.

3) The organization and management of the pre-trial work:

·        Drafting a project of a claim or demand;

·        Responses to the claim or demand.

·        Drafting the project of complaint or other response document to request, decision, order, presentation, etc., of government entities, including tax authorities, police and others.

4) Organization and management of the litigation work, the appeal of court decisions, prepare other documents in the judicial process:

·        Preparation of claims (or other statements to open proceedings, denials, withdrawals to them);

·        Monitoring solutions, orders, notices, payment of court costs, etc. to be timely received;

·        The denial, withdrawal to a claim presented to the client;

·        Appeal or cassation complaint against the court decision or resolution;

·        Preparation of other procedural documents in civil, commercial, administrative, criminal proceedings or enforcement proceedings not covered above.

5) Organization enforcementof escort:

·        Familiarization the enforcement materials;

·        Training and support for execution of executive documents: a statement of the enforcement proceedings, claims, complaints or requests in the process of extrajudicial execution or enforcement of judgments;

·        Participation in the actions of enforcement (search, description of property, trading, etc.).